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Tuition and Other Fees


(Valid until further notice)

Enrolment Fee (not refundable) for all courses: $200

COE Fee (not refundable): $50

Note: We are running promotions, and agents are notified monthly via MailChimp campaigns. If you are an agent and did not receive the promotional email, please contact Jan Ucen at  

COURSES CRICOS Code Duration Enrolment Fee - Upfront Payment Material Fee - Upfront Payment Tuition Fee Per Instalment Total Tuition Fee TOTAL COURSE FEE TOTOAL TUITION FEE + ENROLMENT FEE + MATERIAL FEE
BSB20120 - Certificate II Workplace Skills104523H40 weeks$200$300$3000 x 3$9000$9500
BSB40120 - Certificate IV in Business104525F52 weeks$200$400$3000 x 4$12,000$12,600
BSB404020 – Certificate IV in Human Resource Management104526E52 Weeks$200$400$3000 x 4$12,000$12,600
BSB50320 – Diploma of Human Resource Management104527E78 weeks$200$600$3440 x 5$17,200$18,000
BSB50420 – Diploma of Leadership and Management104409K78 weeks$200$600$3440 x 5$17,200$18,000
BSB50820 – Diploma of Project Management103697E78 weeks$200$600$3440 x 5$17,200$18000
BSB60120 – Advanced Diploma of Business103698D104 weeks$200$800$3000 x 8$24,000$25000
BSB60320 – Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management103699C104 weeks$200$800$3000 x 8$24,000$25000
BSB60420 – Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management103700D104 weeks$200$800$3000 x 8$24,000$25000
BSB60720 – Advanced Diploma of Program Management103701C104 weeks$200$800$3000 x 8$24,000$25000



  1. Re-issuance Administration fee for Certificate/Transcript/Statement of Attainment will require a turnaround of 10 working days.
  2. For URGENT re-issuance, a $50.00 Administration fee for each Certificate/Transcript/Statement of Attainment is payable in addition to the re-issuance fee as per above
  3. CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) Fee - For packaged courses, every course applied for after the first course, a CoE fee is payable.
  4. For homestay and shared accommodation information please contact the marketing department via email at
  5. Change of Class Form must be submitted within two weeks prior to commencement of each vocational term.
  6. All prices are correct as of 30/11/2020 and are subject to change without prior notice. For further details please contact our marketing department either via email at or on +61 2 8755 2666
Item Name (Description) Fee
Course Cancellation Administration Fee$250
CoE issue Fee$50.00 per CoE
Airport Pick-Up$200
Late payment penalty per instalment$100
Amendment of confirmation of enrolment (CoE)$50 per CoE
Issuance of Confirmation letter$20
Replacement of Student Card$20
1st Reassessment of Task of Unit of competenceNo Fee
2nd Reassessment – same unit of Task of Unit (each unit has a minimum of 2 Tasks)$50 each task
3rd subsequent Reassessment – same unit of Task of Unit (each unit has a minimum of 2 Tasks)$100 each task
Re-enrolment into Not Competent Unit$400 per unit
Accommodation Placement$250
Re-issuing of Statement of Attainment$100
Re-issuing of Transcript$100
Re-issuing of Transcript$100
Class change request$30
Course change request$50
Administration fee for urgent issuance of Certificate/Transcript/Statement of Attainment$50.00 per Certificate/Transcript/Statement of Attainment

For Intake dates please contact Jan Ucen at