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University Pathway

Kensington International College Graduates with a Diploma qualifications will be able to apply to Universities in Australia to gain entry and apply for credits which shortens a university degree program


Students upon completion of their Diploma qualifications can apply to a university of your choice which provide Business and Leadership & Management Diploma Graduates with entry (with a number of credit points – equivalent to 1 year full-time study) into a Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Commerce degree. (Other degree programs are also available).


Many of the university pathways offer a range of appealing and flexible study options which will allow you to:

  • enter the workforce full-time whilst completing a degree externally – online
  • enrol as a full-time student at university and study on campus
  • enter the workforce full-time and enrol at university later

University options are flexible – you can change your study mode throughout your course from part-time to full-time and from on-campus to distance – and back – as often as you wish.

Study Pathway

BUSINESS and/or LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT after completion of study at our college and completion you can apply to the university – you can study accounting, marketing, administration, management, event management, law and human resources which could gain you a Bachelor of Business or Commerce.

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