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Monitoring Agents

Registered agents (third-party partners) of Kensington International College will be monitored as per the regulations given by the ESOS Act and the National Code and also in accordance with ASQA’s regulations.


Kensington International College takes all reasonable measures to use education agents that have appropriate knowledge and understanding of the Australian international education industry and comply with the Australian International Education and Training Agent Code of Ethics.

While initial screening is done with a new agent, it is essential in a long-term partner relationship to continue monitoring and maintaining the initial standards that have been established.

Kensington International College also takes an approach to reduce the risk to students by limiting the number of services a third-party agent can do or provide a student on Kensington International College behalf.

What do Agents do for Kensington International College?

Kensington International College uses education agents to promote our courses to potential students. This will involve providing pre-enrolment information and assisting a student complete an application.

However, only Kensington International College will be responsible for issuing a complete Letter of Offer and Confirmation of Enrolment to a prospective student that will outline and allow access to complete pre-enrolment information that will negate any risk for misinformation to the student before enrolment. i.e. agents are not relied upon as the sole source of pre-enrolment information.

Our current or future partners can be monitored this way

Kensington International College monitors the activities of its education agents and takes action, including terminating the agreement, when the education agent does not fulfil its responsibilities.

The procedures Kensington International College use to monitor agents on an ongoing basis include:

  • Application form and CoE form includes not only company details but also consultants’ details.

  • Reference checks of agents before entering the partnership relationship.

  • Monitoring and validating student feedback on agent performance via – complaints, student surveys.

  • Acting on and investigating standard student grievances where the cause of the grievance could stem from an agent i.e. misrepresentation of a course.

  • Acting on and investigating alerts from government departments about agent behaviour.

  • Holding investigation meetings with agents if required.

  • The number of visa applications submitted by the agent that resulted in a student visa being granted

  • All Kensington International College staff generally observing general business practice and acumen of agents in our dealings with them, i.e. conduct during admissions.

Corrective action

Kensington International College will take immediate corrective and preventative action upon the registered provider becoming aware of an education agent being negligent, careless or incompetent or being engaged in false, misleading or unethical advertising and recruitment practices, including practices that could harm the integrity of Kensington International College.

Maintaining Details on PRISMs

Kensington International College is responsible for entering and maintaining features on PRISMS of currently contracted education agents.