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We are working with Agents

Kensington has a policy and procedure describing how we work closely with our Education Agents. See list of our current agents. 

Agents must be reputable organisations and must agree to abide by Kensington's Agent Agreement conditions. Kensington is also willing to appoint professional associations, industry bodies and other organisations in affiliation with educational agents. 

Role of an Agent:
• Agents will assist Kensington in recruiting students within the region or in Australia to study the courses on offer at Kensington.
• Agents will assist students in applying for an Australian Student Visa as well as ensure that the students understand the conditions of their visa and other legal requirements.
Benefits of working with Kensington: 
• Kensington is committed to maintaining a close working relationship with all our education agents to guarantee that students are being delivered services in an ethical, friendly and professional manner.
• Our experienced marketing staff will respond to requests from agents promptly and will also provide all the necessary marketing support to agents in a timely manner.
• Eligible students will receive an offer letter within 48hrs (subject to meeting relevant admission criteria and all support documents are submitted)
• Kensington offers an equitable commission structure
• Our user-friendly website which can be easily navigated has all the necessary documents and information available at all times.
• Kensington ensures that working collaboratively will be mutually beneficial.
If you are not currently a Kensington's authorised education agent and you are interested in joining our agent network, please feel free either apply or contact us.